Our Values

Our Values

They are the backbone and identity of our company, reflected in every person working here. Our values define us. Our values motivate us.

EDC stands for “En Dios Confiamos”, “In God We Trust”.

Passion .- For our Company: First there is God, family and work. For what we do, we do to honor God in all our ways.

Honesty .- Before God, ourselves and our customers. Honesty and transparency ensure confidence and security.

Integrity .- It means that we will fulfill our commitment, we will do what we say and we will review what we do. We provide the best service to our customers.

Respect .- To God, our authorities, our employees, partners and customers. Mutual respect is an integral part of our personal relationships, employment, and business.

Quality .- In our area of work, as partners and in dealing with our customers. Our goal is to deliver only the best quality products, services and processes.

Leadership .- Being a leader is a commitment, it is a responsibility and it is an obligation. Each person who is part of SSA & EDC is a leader committed to God, his family, the company, their customers, their community and their country.

Simplicity .- In SSA & EDC, simplicity teaches us to know who we are and how we are.

Trust .- We are worthy of trust and we go past meeting our own obligations and goals. We are reliable and provide solutions beyond integration with principles and eternal values.

Service Attitude .- The needs of our customers are best met when combining our targeted systems and processes with a positive attitude and a spirit of service.